I remember a Lorick show – I think it was right around the time Lorick was doing the Eleanor Waldorf designs for Gossip Girl – where all the models came on with croquet mallets and it was like Heathers meets Alice in Wonderland. And then there was a giant bunny, and… Johnny Depp? Or maybe that was just a peyote dream. Probably. It’s hard to remember. Anyhow, that wasn’t this Lorick show. This show had a lot of models stand around wearing filmy blue dresses. They were pretty. I liked them. I took some pictures for you so you can look at them. Shit. I’m only at 100 words. I bet I’m supposed to bullshit a bit about the designer’s influences, here, because TheGloss is a fashion and beauty website.

Huh. Well. Let’s look at Lorick’s little handout. Oh! The make-up team was Temptu. That’s probably why we got an invitation. Their PR people send us information, sometimes, but not products. And it looks like one of Lorick’s supporters is “Boo Randle.” I bet Boo isn’t his real name. I wonder if he/she just wet up to people and said “hey, call me Boo,” and then they did. I knew a girl in college who went by Edward although he real name was Carolyn, and people went with it. God, fashion writing is hard. Hey, look! The information appears to be on the other side of the handout.

She begins with a good quote from Hemingway. “I’ve seen you, beauty, and you belong to me now, whoever you are waiting for and if I never see you again, I thought, “you belong to me and all Paris belongs to me and I belong to this notebook and this pencil.” I think that’s from the super phallic part of the Movable Feast where Hemingway is playing with his pencil. That book is really so much about penises.

Also, “the Lorick lady should feel a strong and calming force from this collection. It is meant to inspire advancement in individuality and creativity while simultaneously utilizing the outside world’s offering.”

You know what I think? I think this isn’t a collection so much like Hemingway as it is like Virigina Woolf. Like The Waves. It’s very soothing. Also, very blue! And pink! You can imagine Mrs. Dalloway setting off to buy some flowers in these outfits. I think you can imagine yourself setting off to buy flowers in these, too.

So. There’s that. Well, that’s a good bunch of words. It was very fashionable. Now go look at the pretty pictures.[ITPGallery]