You know what never goes out of style? Comfort. And you know who is seriously lacking in prioritizing comfort? Teen girls on their way to prom.

Think about it — between all the hair and make-up, the bobby pins, the frigid, exposed skin and the high heels that they still kind of don’t know how to wear, no one is going to claim that prom-ready young ladies are at ease in their taffeta garments.

And that’s why I, for one, am 100% on board with this Wall Street Journal report from the fashion trenches, which announces that some teens will be wearing pajamas to prom this year.

Of course, wearing pajamas to red carpet events has become a trend; you’ll recall that it started with Rachel Roy, and the torch was recently passed to Rihanna. The WSJ notes that these famous ladies are partially responsible for turning otherwise banana-curled girls into 16-year-old Hugh Hefners, but the article also suggests that actresses like Rooney Mara might be to blame as well:

Girls who are emulating Rooney Mara’s rebel cool and perhaps, in the past, wouldn’t have gone to prom are now going to show up in gender-bending, laid back looks sported by celebrities like Janelle Monáe and her signature tuxedo, or presented in Louis Vuitton’s 2012 resort collection co-designed by Sofia Coppola.

Whatever. I’m pretty sure that gender-bending women and rebellious girls aren’t anything new, or a product of “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.” But still, I salute any teen — female or male, frankly — who has so committed to the laziness lifestyle that they show up at prom in their jammies.