While its true that some articles of clothing pose a serious threat to your personal safety, the good news is that others are actually beneficial. Like these night biking gloves by Irene Posch of Fashioning Technology.

If you, like me, are too in love with your all-black ensembles to wear dorky reflective clothing when biking around to various social engagements, these gloves could be a very helpful accessory. Made of lightweight knitted wool, they keep your hands warm while at the same time allowing you to make LED turn signals with your fists. They also have conductive threads in the fingertips that allow you to operate touch screen devices, because if you’re too vain to forgo your black coat for a bright orange one, let’s face it: you probably have an iPhone.

The gloves are not yet available for purchase, but with any luck they will be soon, as they’re a great, potentially life saving idea. More like this please, inventors.

(Via Laughing Squid)