Seriously. Thoughts? (Disregard the ankle tattoo I got when I was 18.)

I love the look of low socks with open-toe heels in the fall. As winter creeps up, I’m even more of a fan of knee-high or thigh-high socks with open-toe heels, too. I don’t have to worry about blisters, and no one needs to see that I’m badly in need of a pedicure.

Since it’s cold enough today in Colorado to wear socks, but all I have are wedge sandals, I’m trying this look that you see above in the middle of July. I imagine if I wore this back home in New York City it would be accepted for the fashionable aspect — even if it’s a little bit hipster ridiculous, but I would probably be given the stink eye for thinking it appropriate to wear socks in such weather. The stink eye, of course, being on par with the same one I throw around when I see women in mid-calf high boots when it’s 98 degrees outside.

Photo: J.Crew

If J.Crew’s Jenna Lyons says it’s cool anytime of year, is it a go? Or maybe it’s just something that we should leave to old ladies and people who wear socks with their flip-flops because they’ve forgotten to take their medicine. I could, however, forget to take my medicine today, if that will give me permission.

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