Inexpensive knockoffs have done Isabel Marant a favor, because now she’s finally ditching her own hideous, squishy-footed $800 clown shoes.

Isabel Marant is a gifted, if snobby, designer.  She has long been on the record as completely hating it when elements of her high-priced designs trickle down into mass-market goods, and the ubiquity of the hidden-wedge sneaker really ticked her off.

“Everybody who has the wrong one looks quite bitchy, very vulgar,” she told The Telegraph, “when mine are not at all.”

We don’t know how a pair of sneakers makes a person look “bitchy,” but we really never understood how the knockoffs were “vulgar” and Marant’s were not, because they all just looked like big inflatable pool toys to us. Maybe a French name and a $700 price tag turns “ugly” into “jolie laide” the way people used to say that poor people were crazy and rich people were eccentric.

But for all her griping, the “super-ugly” knockoffs have done Isabel Marant a great favor, because she’s finally stopped wearing her own.

“I don’t wear them as often as I [used to] because I see too [many bad copies] in the street. I’m not saying mine are the most beautiful shoes, but they have a certain [style].”

For the record, we think not wearing an expensive designer item because there are too many ugly copies is the dumbest possible reason to ever get rid of a functional item of clothing. An ugly handbag across the street does not change the way the bag on one’s own shoulder looks. If you thought your Gucci necklace was beautiful but stop wearing it because a similar style came out from Banana Republic, you probably only liked the necklace for the label in the first place, and that’s lame.

But this is still a win for Marant, because now she’s not wearing her hidden wedge sneakers, and that’s a win for everybody. Those things make everybody look like they’re wearing water wings on their feet.

Photo of “not vulgar” $810 fur sneakers via Barneys.