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Slogan t-shirts are a preferred taste. One person may think a message is absolutely hilarious while another person might look at the t-shirt and be horrified that it exists. You would think that babies would be safe from the head-scratching messages but they aren’t. There are plenty of baby onesies that are printed with WTF statements. (See the fat-shaming “I Hate My Thighs” bodysuit controversy for more proof.) It’s a good thing that the kids wearing these onesies can’t read so they can’t be impacted by the ridiculous bodysuits their parents put them in.

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Check out the 13 baby onesies that you can actually dress your kid in:

1. Fuck The Police Onesie ($19.99, Cafe Press)Fuck The Police Baby Onesie

Every parent wants a F bomb on their kid’s chest, especially if it is printed in massive, bold capital letters. It’s cute though because the bodysuit is pink, right?

2. We Don’t Call 911 Onesie ($19.99 Cafe Press)We Don't Call 911 Onesie

In case you weren’t offended enough by the previous one, there are multiple versions of the “Fuck The Police” baby onesie including this one with a gun.

3. Hung Like A 3 Year Old Onesie ($19.99, Cafe Press)Hung Like A 3 Year Old Onesie

It’s inappropriate for an adult to wear a shirt that discusses his penis size. It’s beyond that this WTF bodysuit is available in the 0-3 months size.

4. I Heart Vodka Onesie ($14.50, Amazon)I Heart Vodka Baby Onesie

Forget about underage teenage boys wearing beer shirts. You can now dress your three-month-old baby in a onesie to show his/her love of vodka.

5. Made In Vagina Onesie ($14.99, Kiddie Co.)Made In Vagina Baby Onesie

If only the barcode was three times the size so the text wouldn’t be as noticeable, or better yet, it would be a lot better if the text was removed completely.

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6. Expert Motor Boater Onesie ($21, Amazon)Expert Motor Boater Baby Onesie

The inclusion of the boat graphic doesn’t make this one any less dirty. Grandpa and Grandma would even know how inappropriate it is.

7. I Tore Mommy A New One Onesie ($19.99, Cafe Press)I Tore My Mommy A New One Baby Onesie

Ugh. The slogan is bad enough without the inclusion of the double row of stitches.

8. Too Cute To Play With Your Ugly Ass Kid Onesie ($14.99, Spencer’s)Too Cute To Play With Your Ugly Ass Kid Onesie

Most parents try to teach their kid’s about bullying. Then there are evidently those parents who want their kids to be the bullies.

9. I Like To Drink And Pass Out Onesie ($14.75, Amazon)

I Like To Drink And Pass Out Baby Onesie

Discussing binge drinking on a baby bodysuit is always a brilliant idea.

10. I Like My Men The Way I Like My Coffee Onesise ($19.99, Cafe Press)I Like My Men Baby Onesie

Ummm…I think whatever parents want to put their kid in this onesie need to be questioned somewhere.

11. Daddy’s Little Squirt Onesie ($8.95, Amazon)Daddy's Little Squirt Onesie

Argh. No. The slogan was bad enough. The massive sperm with the crazy eyes makes it even worse.

12. All Daddy Wanted Was A Blow Job Onesie ($10.99, Amazon)All Daddy Wanted Was A Blow Job

This is the perfect bodysuit for your little one to wear to the annual family reunion. It’s guaranteed to make quite an impression.

13. Hello I’m High Onesie ($19.99, Cafe Press)Hello I'm High Baby Onesie

We’ve had some alcohol-themed baby onesies, so you have to make sure to get the drug references in there too.