Fashion is best when it doesn’t take itself too seriously. (The same holds for fashion people. Never trust a fashion person who doesn’t love Zoolander.) That’s why The Gloss staff found themselves cackling with glee this morning over the brilliant Reddit user who has taken it upon himself to recreate some of the most out-there looks of Fashion Week at home.

The Redditor who goes by TheDrCK made DIY versions of some of the weirder looks from recent London Fashion Weeks. We love the way he rocked the extreme crop top from Astrid Andersson’s Spring 2014 show and the giant knit hood by Sibling. He even recreated the wood fence face from MAN’s Fall 2013 collection.

“It’s hard work keeping up with all the latest trends from London Fashion Week,” he sighed.

We officially want to be best friends with this dude. We could get together and recreate Jennifer Lawrence’s Golden Globes dress with bedsheets.

Some helpful people chimed in to point out that runway looks are not necessarily just wackadoo ideas that people should be wearing next year. They’re often idealized or extreme forms of a designer’s vision, elements of which will find their way into his or her collection once the produced pieces hit the shelves.

“They’re like concept cars. The actual clothing lines that arise from these designs aren’t so crazy, but elements of the prototype can still be seen more subtly in the final product,” said a user going by Abnaxus, and that’s possibly the best way we’ve ever seen to explain runway fashion to a layperson.

We like to think we’d have thought of it ourselves, if only we had any idea what a concept car was before reading that.

 Photo via Reddit