Wendy Davis in the September issue of American Vogue

Wendy Davis photographed by Eric Boman, Vogue, September 2013

Senator Wendy Davis became a star earlier this summer, by launching a 10 hour filibuster meant to protect women’s health from Texas’ remarkably awful SB5 bill. The bill, sadly, passed–but not before Davis emerged as a new hero for women’s rights.

Of course, a female politician can only become so famous for her ability–an obnoxious amount of the conversation in the subsequent days of her sudden celebrity focused on the sneakers she was wearing during her filibuster and, worse still, the fact that she is hot and therefor… an impostor? It’s unclear.

So it comes as no surprise that part of Davis’ new visibility includes the Vogue treatment–she’s profiled in the September issue, with an updated Fashion look. Above, the senator strikes a pose in a Carolina Herrera dress and Reed Krakoff pumps. She also, predictably, is asked about her hair:

“I have super-supercurly hair, and it’s a constant struggle,” Davis acknowledges. “Pull out that picture of me from Patti’s son’s bar mitzvah.” The photo from 2010 comes out; in it her hair is in an alarming frizz. “That was bad,” she says with a breezy laugh. “That was so bad.”

Of course, this is what Vogue does–you’re not going to be profiled in a stained shirt with messy hair (you know, blogger uniforms) and you’re certainly not going to avoid discussing your beauty routine. However, we’re very happy to see such an important woman in such a huge magazine–the most scrutinized issue of the year, no less.

Plus, she sounds like a cool customer:

“I’m a very competitive person,” she says as the sun sets behind her and she packs up for the movie. “You won’t change things unless you are prepared to fight, even if you don’t win.” She pauses. “But I do hate losing.”

Go read the entire thing over at  Vogue.