So, Tiger Woods finally came out of his 3 months seclusion and broke his silence through a conference with only the close people in his life as well as supporters in attendance. I watched the conference, which I’m sure most everyone did. At first I felt awkward. I could’nt look at the TV at all. I just wanted to hear his words but not see his face. I guess it’s the effect of everything he had done. However, as the conference progressed, Tiger’s words softened me up a little bit, somehow.

Hey, I’m not saying what he did should be forgotten or forgiven so easily and right away. But that’s not for me or any of us actually, to do. It’s his wife, children, Mother, and everyone else in his close circle that matters. He messed up. No, scratched that, he F’d up, BIG time. But not to me or any member of my family for that matter. I do have compassion for the guy. I think he was sincere in his apology to everyone he apologized for. The truth of the matter is, he is not the first one who did what he did nor will he be the last one to do it either. I’m not saying it’s right, but Tiger Woods he may be, he’s still human just like the rest of us. In conclusion, I wish him luck and I hope he gets all the help he needs. As for his marriage, that’s his and Elin’s business. I hope for the best for them on that aspect too.

Now that’s my opinion on the matter, how about you?

(Image: INF)