Aside from the Crocs that run rampant in these parts, I’m also seeing A LOT of Toms shoes on fellas out here in Colorado. I find this to be an anomaly because I have never, in all my days, seen Toms on a man before this past week. I don’t even recall seeing them in such an abundance when I was last out here a few months ago.

I do not own Toms flats. I feel they’re a bit too hippy for my blood. I do own several pairs of the wedges because they’re not only cute, but insanely comfortable. In the city I have seen women in both the wedges and flats and it never registered that men would even wear them. Granted, I’ve see this Tom dude himself wearing them with male models on the site when I go to order my wedges, but I had never seen them on fellas in real life. I am confused. What sort of look is this? Chucks are just as comfortable and don’t have that hippy-dippy thing going on, so that seems like a more obvious and sane choice than Toms.

Thoughts? Do you know a fella who rocks the Toms and does it well?