Look, I feel like a rebllious outsider at the pilates studio I go to. Would you like to know why?

Because I wear white socks. Other than that I dress exactly like every other lady in the pilates studio. I wear a grey tank top and black yoga pants. Oh, fine. I’m lying! I’m lying! The tank top is black! The yoga pants are grey! I’m a little bit of a rebel to begin with! But mostly it’s the socks that set me apart. All the other ladies buy these black socks from the studio with little plastic bits underneath them to help them grip the carpet better. I think about buying them. But then I think “why should I buy a pair of $15 socks when I have perfectly fine work-out socks at home?” I think this every time I go into the studio. But I don’t buy them. Do you know why? Because I’m not a fucking conformist. I’m not a sheep. I’m free, like a bird. A bird with gloriously white plastic free feet.

What I’m saying is: next time I go to pilates, I’m wearing a lace bodysuit.