Glee star Lea Michele wore a dress from Versace’s Fall 2011 collection to a screening in Hollywood Wednesday night, and I think she looked pretty damn amazing. However, not everyone agrees with me. Charlotte Cowles at The Cut is not sure what she thinks of it, asking readers, “does it make her look cowlike?” This is an unfortunate choice of words, as “cowlike” implies “fat,” and Lea looks to be in excellent shape. I can sort of see what she means about the black and white pattern, though; it’s just bold and strange enough that it threatens to wear the wearer. But I don’t think Lea Michele is in any danger of that.

The only reservation I have about it is this: Versace is for grownups. Can someone who plays a high schooler on TV convincingly pull it off while standing in front a multicolored Glee backdrop and grinning like she just got the lead in the senior play? A sophisticated scowl might complete the look a bit better. On the other hand, it’s sort of refreshing to see someone on the red carpet who is not making that ridiculous “sexyface” (January Jones, take note), and Lea Michele is, in actuality, a grownup, even if she doesn’t play one on TV. What say you, my judgmental and discerning friends?

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