According to, a blogger (at least a female one) wears a pinafore-style babydoll dress in beige with gray buttons. We’re also apparently called “blog writers.” I informally polled some “blog writer” ladies I know to see if this dress (pictured) matched up with their usual attire. I asked them each two questions – “would you wear the dress?” and “what do you usually wear to blog?”

Valerie Marino, Triangle Music:

Is that a hipster muumuu?

I wouldn’t say I have a blogging dress code. It’s usually whatever I already happen to be wearing. So sometimes it’s pajamas, sometimes it’s jeans or a dress. I think you’d have to have a pretty successful blog to be sporting a $132 dress as your blogging uniform.

Maura Johnston, The Awl:

No, that sort of waist is super-unflattering on me, although not as unflattering as the suggested styling in the blurb. Also – meeting your readers for cupcakes? Vom.

I do wear dresses a lot – housedressy things. I also try to shower.

Kelsey Keith, Architizer


I typically wear a similar uniform of “short” and “black” to work. And dresses because they are roomy (my favorite high-waisted jeans morph into my least favorite high-waisted jeans after nine hours in a desk chair). Modcloth makes a distinction between blog writer and blog editor, and I would totally wear this dress.

Izzy Grinspan, Racked NY

I love a good babydoll dress, but I think the color pushes it a little too far into nightgown territory.  As a pale, short person, I’m afraid it would make me look like some sort of Victorian orphan.

At home, I do sometimes work in leggings and whatever top I wore to bed — the Eater Shitshow Week T-shirt and the Alexa Chung/Madewell “hello” bat shirt have been two recent favorites — but I find that I’m way more productive when I’m dressed like a person with a job.  At the office, I’m usually pretty casual.  The fun thing about being a fashion writer in a non-fashion company is that you can show up one day in platform heels and one day in flip-flops and nobody will judge you either way.

Megan Carpentier, Talking Points Memo

No way, Jose. I have standards.

From home? Strictly pajamas/yoga pants and a tank top or T-shirt. I work in an office now, so we’re fairly casual Fridays around here, but when it’s not hot I try to dress it up a little.

Susannah Breslin, The Frisky

No! I think it’s fug. And frumpy.

I prefer yoga pants and a wife beater.