We know that Karl came up with this new ad for Chanel (it’s on display in Selfridges) and therefore we know that is brilliant. But what is Karl trying to tell us here? We have a few theories:

1) While Goldman Sachs may be a vampire squid wrapped around the face of America, Chanel is a giant monkey picking people up and dragging them underwater. It’s a commentary on a society that runs on credit. Karl Lagerfeld is going to give everything up and open a non-profit.

2) Monkey hands are good to have sex in. Bestiality – it is of the moment.

3) Karl is concerned about the environment. The polar ice caps are melting. And soon King Kong will have no home.

4) Chanel’s new boots are not made for walking, so much as they are made for your arctic underwater abduction.

5) Karl just really wants you to STFU about how fur is bad, and he’s reminding you that if you don’t kill animals, they’ll kill you. Also, he’s still working on transparent fur.