What I Hate About Me is just about one of the most depressing titles any show can have. I know it’s a show about flaws and fixing them so we feel better, but couldn’t we think of a better title?  Ambar is the first gal that will tell us the 10 things she hates about herself. The things people hate about themselves are usually subjective, but some are legit like hating their eating habits or work ethic. Some things you can’t change like Ambar’s height, and some things you can, like standing out in a crowd.


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Primarily, Ambar is lacking self-confidence. Many of these things can be fixed with minimal effort, but we’ll see if once these things are good to go, the self-confidence falls into place.

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10. I hate my mustache. – Wax it. Getting it done at a salon works best and it’s well worth the money  Waxing it puts facial hair at bay for about a month, depending on how fast your facial hair grows.
9. I hate living in a white box. – Because Ambar rents, she’s limited with what she can do to amp up her living room. An interior designer adds spice to the room with floral decals and faux tiles on the walls.
8. I hate that I don’t know what to write on thank you cards. – An etiquette expert suggest that a thank you note be sent within three days of receiving the gift, be only three sentences long and take no longer than three minutes to write. State the gift and say thank you. It’s that easy
7. I hate my chicken bump arms. – Ambar has a genetic condition that can be controlled. The Clarisonic brush removes the top layer of skin. A dermatologist coaches Ambar through the treatment which she can perform at home with her own Clarisonic brush. The dermatologist also uses Dermablend, a full coverage foundation meant for the face or body that stays up for 16 hours.
6. I hate living in fear of being fat again. – The nutritionist suggest complex carbs, vegetables and antioxidants to keep Ambar healthy, in both body and mind.
5. I hate my dark circles. – Use a primer to make under eye concealer stay put. After this, gently pay concealer on with your ring finger (the weakest finger) to create a soft finish.
4. I hate that I apologize too much. – Avoid using an apologetic tone, regardless of what words you’re using. Ask questions and analyze the situation to see if it warrants an apology before the I’m sorry routine just pours out.
3. I hate that I’m too tall to dress cute. – Ambar says she can’t dress fashion-forward because of her height. A stylist puts Ambar in skinny jeans with an ankle boot, so the jeans just skim instead of looking too short. She also rolls up the sleeves of a blazer so they don’t hit just above her wrists.
2. I hate that I have bad posture. – Because of Ambar’s height, she has always slumped over in an effort to look shorter. Look into a posture seat that can be inserted to your regular desk chair. This will prevent you from slouching throughout the work day.
1. I hate that I always wear my hair in a ponytail. – A hairstylist gives Ambar chunky bangs and takes off some length. He also gives her soft waves with a curling iron.

Overall, Ambar’s transition was easy. Visit a salon, a boutique, etc. and get some expert advice. When in doubt or too embarrassed to ask an expert, use Google. I’m anxious for more episodes of What I Hate About Me to see if future problems are as easy to fix.