Think yellow will be the hotness for Spring 2008? Pfft! That’s sooo 2007…

How ’bout orange? Don’t like how orange sounds? Let’s go with tangerine. Or mandarin? Sounds nice and citrus-y, right? Oh? You think I’m kidding? I’m not. I need a pair of shoes this color immediately.

True, your girl Pasky P can’t afford a pair of Louboutin’s like Rihanna has on here (at her Totes umbrella-ella-ella-eh promotion at Macy*s in NYC last month), but I’ll find a Same Look For Less if it’s the last thing I do–today–dammit. You know how I do…

(Click here to see a pic of Rihanna wearing these same pumps earlier this week.) Notice the oh-so-sexy toe cleavage she has going on in the pump.

The only orange patent leather Louboutin’s I could find (for my high-budget fashionistas, of course) were the Christian Louboutin orange ‘Decolzep’ platform pumps that came out last year, and sorry, they’re already sold out on net-a-porter.


The heel is not quite as thick as the pair Rihanna has on, nor does her pair have a platform, but it’s the best I could find. If any of you Hot Mamas out there have more info on Rihanna’s pumps, feel free to share with the rest of the class!

So, after much searching, I found something eerily similar to Louboutin’s Decolzep, but *gulp* I can’t believe the brand. Le sigh.. here goes:


No, that’s NOT a typo. Yes. THAT Jessica Simpson. I think this is the 2nd time I’ve actually showcased shoes from her line. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m just as shocked as you are. Let’s get over it, mmmkay? *Looks around to see if the coast is clear, whispering* but they’re cute, right? And I mean let’s keep it real here, I don’t discriminate; If you make a cute shoe, for an even cuter price, I’m all over it. The shoes are around $50.00-$60.00 USD Case closed.

Here’re some others I found while browsing:


  1. Steve Madden ‘SIMMERR’ – $139.99 USD
  2. BCBGirls ‘Nice’ (in Tangerin Snake) – $93.00 USD
  3. Nine West “Checkmate” – $79.00 USD
  4. BCBGirls ‘Nice’ (in Mandarin Patent)- $93.00 USD

(Bear in mind if you do some digging you may be able to find the shoes cheaper elsewhere and get better deals!)

Edited to Add:

Hot Pic’ by Nine West – $79.00 USD.  Yes, Nine West “hot pick” indeed…


That said, Spring 2008, here I come baby!