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Thanks to normcore we have socks and sandals, more minimalist looks and taking a step back from all things over-the-top. Normcore has been around for a few seasons but where do you we go from there? Some assumed that babycore would be a natural transition but trend forecasters K-Hole are saying that chaos magic is going to be the next big thing. And they know what they’re talking about given that they were the ones who coined the term normcore.

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Don’t think that we’re all going to start wearing witches hats and carrying broomsticks instead of purses. This trend doesn’t have anything to do with dressing like your favorite Hogwarts house. (You can still do that if you want to. Those new Harry Potter lipstick colors are great whether they fit into the chaos magic mold or not.)

K-Hole cofounder Emily Segal explained to Vogue, “Normcore itself became a kind of maxed-out signifier. I think where we found ourselves was thinking, ‘Where do you go from here?’ Magic is where. In K-Hole’s latest report, “A Report On Doubt,” they explain that like normcore, magic is more about a feeling and a concept rather than a pant length or the silhouette of a dress. They stress that chaos magic is about our experiences and it “lives in the same realm as positive thinking.” It’s about not over-analyzing and not overthinking things.

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With Fashion Month just about to kick off again, we’ll see how chaos magic fits into the shows and designers’ collection. Emily states that the concept “is a motion back toward the emotional landscape of consumers instead of their pocketbooks.” Forever 21‘s thread screen could fit into the magical concept but we’ll have to wait and see what designers create unique fashion shows that not only feature great clothes but have a little bit of magic in them.