signature-look-icon I stumbled upon a blog last week, which I forgot to bookmark, that was talking about a “signature look“. It made me think of my own signature look. All weekend I was wracking my brain of what kind of styles I wear a lot. After all these years of establishing my fashion identity, I couldn’t think of one. What in the world is my signature look?

After sweating over it, I finally came to the realization that I couldn’t possibly have just 1 signature look since I do like wearing different styles and get into trends with my own twist. Well except for skinny jeans (someday), UGGS, or leggings. I like different looks such as : top & jeans, top & skirt, top & shorts, top & trousers, and lots & lots of dresses. Hence, I couldn’t pick just 1 signature look. These of course are paired with sexy pairs of shoes. :)

Then on the drive home from a wonderful time at a lake yesterday, I had an epiphany. I finally figured out what my signature look is. Click more if you really want to find out… :)

signature-look-11 signature-look-12 signature-look-13

signature-look-1signature-look-2 signature-look-3

signature-look-4   signature-look-9   signature-look-10

signature-look-5 signature-look-6signature-look-7

Notice the similarities from all the pictures? If you guessed that it has something to do with the hair, you’re getting closer. Look at the pictures again, notice how in every picture, my hair is always down? Hallelujah!!! And that my friends is my signature look. Bangs or not, in curls, long, or layers, Spring/Summer, Fall/Winter,  I always wear my hair down.

Looking at these pictures again makes me want to let the bangs grow and go back to the same-length long hairstyle. I still haven’t dyed my hair back in auburn which I have been meaning to do in a long time. I love my bangs but I miss my long hair (1st row pictures) a lot too.

I can breathe easily now though. I was afraid I don’t have a signature look at all…LOL. It turns out, it doesn’t necessarily have to be around clothing. My signature look is wearing my hair down all the time.

So, it’s your turn. What Is Your Signature Look?

(Images © Dexie J Wharton / Style It Less)