1990's Drew Barrymore had a major impact on my style.

1990’s Drew Barrymore had a major impact on my style.

From the beginning, I’ve been pretty obsessed with fashion. Although I’ll never have the knowledge of our beloved Deputy Editor, Ashley Cardiff, I know what I like and what I do like, I know a lot about.

While my favorite designers of the past 10 years or so have been Marc Jacobs and Alexander McQueen, they haven’t really impacted my personal look. It’s in people, or specific characters, that I have found my style, and their impression on me that has made my fashion sense evolve over the years.

I know some of you hate this term, but I have and will always be a tomboy. I like to keep things simple from my hair down to my shoes, and I can bounce between what is regarded as conventionally girly to something that is, well, conventionally “boyish.”

I didn’t realize just how much my personal style icons were really similar until I sat down last night and put them in order from beginning to now. Outside of my brief Courtney Love phase, I’ve been pretty consistent, so maybe that means I’m not as extreme in my taste as I thought.

Photo: Rolling Stone, June 1995