Picture it. You and your closest pals are piled into a car, the tunes are cranked and your expectations are running high. When it comes to cruising for a hot summer fling, I always say there’s a difference between looking killer on the road and looking like road kill. Now is the time to put the scenery to shame and draw attention to your fabulous assets. Remember that someone is always watching, be it a MILF, a DILF, or a random single POA whose clothes look great on but would look better… off. Here’s your map to making choices with true curb appeal. Ladies and Gents: start your engines and let the road trip begin!

No spare tires here

Ladies, pack a lot of punch in your bags with a padded push-up bra, Daisy Dukes (if you dare), a can-do attitude and, for a little roadside motel-chic, a fiery red boxed hair color that takes you from frizzy to fierce overnight.
Though you may fall victim to the heat, take it from Thelma & Louise–that’s never licence to fall victim to fashion.

• Whether you’re in the back seat with your pedicured feet out the windows or in a fully-exposed convertible, sunscreen is your first fashion layer. Apply it liberally to cover any and all exposed skin. There’s nothing pretty about prominent tan lines, and, in this case, red doesn’t look good on anyone.

• Over sized Oliver Peoples sunglasses or aviators do double duty protecting your eyes and also give you a bit of rock ’n roll edge. The only place Mumsy shades are acceptable is crunched on the front seat.

• Although summer is a time for zen, LULU LEMON attire should be saved for really long car trips, or for those practicing sun salutations on the side of the road (also not recommended).

• No one likes a Jimmy Choo jammed underneath the gas pedal. Leave your heels at home and opt for a pretty pair of embellished sandals or wedges. Look for a pair in buttery leather with beaded details or tassels that catch the light.

• If the only place you plan on seeing Jello is in a shot glass, then cut offs are allowed. Otherwise, longer versions are still stylish, youthful and have a relaxed boho vibe. Pair them with a loose tank, tunic, or a preppy boyfriend chambray shirt so as to not feel restricted behind the wheel.

• Shorts not your thing? Definitely don the ever-popular maxi skirt or dress. It’s cool and breezy, provides coverage from the sun and covers up any jiggly bits (aka jello) from the neck down!

• Though a camera is your best accessory, don’t forget some organic, sculptural metallic jewelry, bright colored tribal printed bangles or be-jeweled cuffs.

• Protect your tresses and the skin on your face with a hat. A baseball cap or scarf a-la-Jackie O will keep your hair from getting stuck in your lip gloss. These pictures will end up online so you can always swap it out for a funkier fedora for roadside snapshots.

• Finish your look with Dior’s Addict Crystal Gloss and a dusting of Guerlain Terracotta bronzing powder. You’ll look instantly radiant and sun kissed.

No one likes a fixer upper

Guys, we know you don’t like asking for direction, but when it comes to fashion, some of you need a little GPS (Guided Personal Styling). Even if you’re just out of the car to pump gas, you never know whose appetite you might fuel. Women are looking for someone who looks pulled together, no matter what your style. The goal is to position yourself as a contender for their time and attention. Here, some tips on how even a Honda can look like an Aston Martin.

• First up, a smart haircut will turn heads fast. A clean neck will keep you cooler, and touseled bed head is always a hit. Purchase Kevin Murphy’s Easy Rider styling cream for your hair to achieve that Hollywood bad boy style women go nuts for!

• Unless you a) have a body like Matthew McConaughey or b) have no shame, wear a clean tee or Henley shirt. Find one that has shape and fits your body properly. Large is not a universal size–you may be a small or a medium.

• Lightweight shorts or flat front chinos are always a good bet. No boardshorts or swim trunks. You’re not swimming, you’re driving, and if you’re wearing trunks you’re going nowhere fast.

• Invest in a cool pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes and face. The ones you got for free with your last 24 aren’t gonna cut it. Chances are they don’t have a proper UV coating, which is never cool. Aviators are still as great as they were in Top Gun.

• If you’re going to wear socks, remember this golden rule: the higher the socks, the lower your chances of scoring. Ankle socks are a discreet option.

• Leave your runners at home and opt for a stylish pair of Top Siders or leather sandals.

Now that you’re outfitted with an open road and an open mind, you’re ready for anything and already on your way to leaving those less stylish in the dust.

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