featuredSo, next month, I’ll be attending Electric Daisy Carnival, aka my first-ever music festival. I’m beyond stoked, but there’s just one little problem: I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to wear. This handy guide we put up a couple of days ago was helpful, but I’m indecisive and afraid of looking like a noob.

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If I had to describe my style in one word, it would be “simple.” In general, the only qualifications I have for clothes when I shop is that they’re soft, comfortable, and they fit me well. I tend to stick to a neutral color palette (okay, fine, I pretty much always wear black), and the rare times I wear anything colorful are when I wear bright lipstick (which is actually pretty often) or a colorful statement necklace (which is not so often, since most of my statement necklaces are either silver or gold).

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I also don’t like fringe, frills, crop tops, short shorts, or pretty much anything else that’s considered standard fare in terms of clothes at music festivals. The closest I think I can get with my own personal style is a cool romper—anything else just looks to costume-y on me. So, as you can probably imagine, festival clothes are SO not my jam. In fact, I once felt compelled to tweet the following, pretty much just because:

So, yeah, needless to say I’m in need of some serious assistance. Since you’ve all been so great at helping other Gloss writers out in the past and you seem like a generous bunch of cool cats, I thought you might like to help me too! I know for sure that I’ll be wearing my flower crown from H&M and my heart sunglasses from American Eagle no matter what, but everything else is pretty much up in the air. I’ve narrowed it down to three outfits, so any advice is appreciated! If you think I should mix and match between the three outfits, totally let me know. I’m so open to ideas it’s almost hilarious. Oh, and I’m going to Gov Ball in June, too, so if you think I should save an outfit for that, let me know!

Apologies in advance for my poor NYC apartment lighting. Here are the options, and prepare yourself for some funky fresh #mirrorselfies:

Outfit #1:

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 presetSo the top is from H&M’s Coachella collection, the shorts are from Target, the ankle boots are Sperry, and I’m, like, 98 percent sure that the necklace is from Pac Sun. I actually like this outfit a lot more than I thought I would, so it was an encouraging start to my journey through my closet.

Outfit #2:

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 presetHonestly, I just wanted an excuse to wear those shorts. The top is also from H&M’s Coachella collection, the floral-print shoes are just plain old H&M (since you asked, yes, I love H&M), and the shorts are from American Eagle. They have pockets and they feel like heaven. 

Outfit #3:

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 presetThe romper and coral necklace are from H&M (I’m not even sorry, and no, they’re sadly not paying me for all of this promotion), and the shoes and other necklace are the same as before. I absolutely love this romper—it’s super soft, I wear it all the time, and I’m pretty sure I got it for, like, $10, but I’m a little concerned about the whole “having-to-take-everything-off-to-pee” thing happening at a music festival. That’s a valid concern, right?

So, what’s the verdict? What should I wear? Let me know what what you think in the comments below!