It would be fun to be a Cossack.

No, now, I recognize that Pamella Roland’s collection is supposed to be inspired by Asia. That’s fine, but in Cossack Russia… they wear a lot of furs (in Soviet Russia, furs wear you). And the fur in this collection is spectacular. Not taking into account any feelings you may have about fur, the fur capes, the trim, the muffs, the Cossack hats, it all felt very Eugene Onegin. Like being in a novel by Puskin if it got a little more into Asia, because the Asian influences were certainly there, like the Mandarin collars scattered throughout.

Okay, wait. Wait. What I think I actually want is to be a White Russian wearing furs while I run around Hong Kong in the 1920’s. That is what I want. Specifically, I want to be Natasha Richardson’s character in The White Countess. Because everything in this collection is something she would have worn.

In conclusion, I learned that I should spend more time building a time machine.