Ali McGraw’s  hair was a really solid look.

Remember that girl in 7thgrade who soulful boys were in love with, partly because she looked really good in peasant tops and long skirts? The tops and skirts were maybe part of that, but a lot of it was probably the fact that her hair was long perfectly straight, and parted to the side, held back with barrettes.

Who knows? Maybe you were that girl before you grew up and got bangs and started sporting an angled bob and a sense of disillusionment in the world.

The models at the Tadashi Shojishow were still, clearly, that girl. The classic hair coupled with the thoroughly sophisticated gowns (one sleeved pieces are in!) and the cloudy background and soulful music which was always, somehow, about the moon – the whole show reminded us of nothing so much as The Virgin Suicides.

Oh, incidentally, we mean that as a compliment.

Off to get a haircut!