Alyona Osmanova (Right)

The Lake & Stars’ showed at Chelsea Piers Friday (as part of Ecco Domani’s fashion foundation) and when we arrived at the presentation, we were surprised to find plus-size models mixed in with the straight-size girls.

Oh. Wait. No, we weren’t.

…Because at first we didn’t even notice they were “plus size.”

Milling around the presentation, I thought to myself, “Wow, it’s great to see some differentiation in their figures…” then after much scrutinizing, I realized the brand had actually cast a handful of supposedly plus-size girls (which Jezebel’s Jenna Sauers confirmed a few hours later). Apparently, the women–Alyona Osmanova (pictured) and Inga Eiriksdottir–used to be straight size models and are now finding greater success above size 2.

Unfortunately, not everyone was as refreshed as we were:

The Lake & Stars’ Maayan Zilberman told Refinery29: “Agencies are horrified we’re putting girls from plus division in with [skinny girls], and some agents said flat out they wouldn’t put their “good girls” with plus sized models.”

Zilberman was rightly offended. And, as absurd and barbaric as that sentiment is, what makes it even worse is that these girls look like models. They look bigger than most of their counterparts, sure, but if Alyona Osmanova were to pass you on the street, you’d think to yourself, “There goes a model,” not “There goes a plus-size model.”

We find it pretty ridiculous. What do you think?

(Photo of the presentation via Impose)

And, as a bonus, here’s Alyona in her days as a Prada exclusive: