Today the Australian-born pop singer, Kylie Minogue, turned 44 years old. I know, I know — she totally doesn’t look it. Today is also Carey Mulligan‘s birthday, but that was already covered over at our sister site, Crushable, so our focus shall remain on Kylie and more importantly her 1980’s style.

As this Memorial Day comes to an end and I suspect many of you are half in the bag at this point, and probably sunburned, too (although you should have worn sunblock!), I thought we could have a moment to remember the glory days of fashion which were the 1980’s. As I typed that, even I was unsure if I was being serious or sarcastic. Either way, Kylie’s version of “Loco-motion” is pretty much the quintessential 1980’s video: big hair, bright colors, ridiculous clothing and of course workout gear. What’s a 1980’s music video without workout gear being sported by at least one person? Well, it’s just a 1980’s music video without workout gear, I suppose.

So have another drink, or cut yourself off (you do have work tomorrow), but no matter what option you choose, definitely do your best 1980’s dance to this song. If you don’t know what a “1980’s dance,” is then you’ve never seen Sixteen Candles and that is a tragedy. No worries though. Kylie’s video will you give you some pointers.

[youtube_iframe id=”NVJu078VwCk”]