Remember Christian Siriano? Back from when Project Runway was still good? Whatever happened to him? Maybe he’s doing something really scandalous!

He’s still around. And he’s designing jewelry for Send the Trend, a new online shopping site. Which is cool, though decorative jewelry doesn’t really fit in the “scandalous” catagory unless you’re Amish (and if you are, and you’re reading this, happy rumspringa). But his jewelry is really pretty, and his gold  holiday collection has a cool Dynasty flair to it.

But will you be able to afford it? Probably! Everything at Send the Trend is only $29.95, so you won’t be browsing through pieces only to find something you love that’s totally out of your price range. And they let you fill out little style profiles so they can recommend pieces that might be right for you.

Is it fierce? Baby, it’s always fierce.