Do you even know what your birthstone is? They’re an old tradition, but many people still wear jewelry with the stone assigned to their birth month. Although it just seems like a cute way to get people to buy jewelry, birthstones have actually caused some friction in families I know. My friend Kira, for example, lucked out and got pearl as her birthstone (June), while her August-born sister was stuck with peridot. When they got birthstone earrings as Christmas gifts, Kira’s sister felt like she’d gotten the short end of the stick – and the less expensive gift. However, in my colleague Amanda Ernst‘s family, birthstones ended up bonding people together. She and her grandmother were both born in January, and when her grandmother passed away Amanda inherited some of her garnet jewelry. Now, looking at one of the pieces reminds Amanda of the connection she had with her grandmother.

Do you have any birthstone jewelry? Since mine is an expensive birthstone (sapphire; I’m a September baby) I don’t have any – although, believe me, I’m working on it. But I’m curious to hear if you guys a) know what your birthstone is and b) have any jewelry or accessories with your birthstone in it?