Admit it. We’ve all seen women with oversized purses and wondered what’s inside. You know you want to take a peek…

Today we’re giving you that chance. I asked the ladies (and man) of the Beauty and Style channel to dump their bags and give us look. Damn we carry a lot of stuff.

First up, our illustrious leader, Christina Jones:

CJ's purse

Hmmm…what do we have here? Nice Zappos notebook, CJ. I could use one of them. I also see she brings her own Tobasco sauce, is a fan of MAC cosmetics, and has a bag filled with change just like me. Glad to see I’m not the only one who jingles when she walks.

Next victim… our Snarkstress, Liberty Kontranowski:

Lib's purse

I see Lib likes Trident and some CoverGirl. Plus we have a little Clean & Clear and some Johnson & Johnson’s lotion, and various and sundry makeup. Either Lib’s very neat or she did a little cleaning up before taking this picture.

The Fabulous Teri Cosenzi also has a tidy purse:


Teri certainly does dig pink. Pink calculator, pink purse…nice Chanel sunglasses, by the way…pink makeup bag, pink wallet, pink lipstick….

Our resident Hot Mama, Dexie not only dumped her bag, but she blogged about it too…


Dexie makes me feel better about my own bag. Lots of good stuff in there, Dex. For a complete breakdown, visit Style it Less where she list the contents of her purse in detail.

Shannon Nelson took a minute of her time to dump her purse too…

Shannon's purse

Love those Oral mints, my favorite is the Mojito, in case you were wondering. Shannon also carries a calculator and let’s see what else I spy with my little eye…freeze 24/7, good stuff there, Urban Apothecary and Prescriptives products, Lancome, Clinique, Sephora…we do have good taste in our products.

Chloe Findlay-Harder wins our award for neatest purse, that’s for sure…

Chloe's Purse

Cell phone, iPod, a little lip balm…I’m digging Chloe’s minimalistic style.

Bridget Wright at Banging Bags also has a nice, tidy bag. I think these ladies cleaned up before they sent their pictures over.

Bridget's bag

Where are all the receipts and crayon pieces and bits of candy collecting hair and getting gummy at the bottom of the bag? I can tell Bridget is very organized.Several different wallets, a note book, a very clean hairbrush…I bet she can find everything at the bottom of her bag.

P.Kim Bui at Indie Style File dumped her bag for us too…

Kim's bag

Let’s see what Kim’s purse tells us. She’s neat, that’s for sure. And she has a habit. And likes a little gloss from time to time. Oh Kim…surely you can fit more into that big bag. You don’t keep the rest of the customers waiting in line while you try to find your wallet or cash, do you? I’m really disappointed at all the tidy bags here. And I’m embrassed for my own bag, which we’ll get to a little later.

Here’s Tris Hussey’s man purse bag:


As you can see it’s a nice manly mix of wires, discs, a be-stickered laptop…but no product in the bunch. Just wait until makeup bag day, Tris.

What’s in my purse? You may be sorry you asked…

Debs purse

I bought this purse 14 years ago on sale at J,C.Penny and it’s still in terrific condition. It took a break during the diaper bag years, but it’s been back in action for the past three years of so. As you can see I have some Play Doh and markers to keep us amused at Applebees, my Lauren Huttons cosmetics, which I love, lip balm, a Flip camera, my iPod, lots of lipsticks and glosses and about a dozen pens which would explain why I can’t find anything around the house.

All images courtesy their respective b5 B&S bloggers and are being used with permission. I promise.