Anna won The Fashion Show with her darling collection of feminine-friendly dresses and separates. gets the scoop on what’s next for Anna! More of’s interview after the jump!

Your philosophy as a designer: Everyone should dress for their body and work to figure out what looks good on them. Don’t be afraid of color and prints and things that are a little more playful. They’ll make you look younger and happier, and they make you feel good.

Bravo Photo: David Giesbrecht

Your favorite clothing items: I love a jumpsuit for summer. The print is a safari print. I like that it’s a man’s shirting style, but if you leave the neck open it makes it more feminine.

Your favorite clothing pieces: I made this African print dress — I found the fabric in a neighborhood store. I’m obsessed with tribal prints, especially for summer. I love a strapless dress, because I love showing off shoulders, and I love anything with pockets. You’ll be able to go to soon to buy it.

Your favorite clothing items: I love border prints — I love a sac dress that you can put a belt around the middle to make it look more feminine. The print is kind of “wild West.” I got it at my favorite vintage shop in Williamsburg — Fluke. There’s always something I want in there, and it’s pretty reasonably priced.

Your special shopping tip: Don’t be afraid to dig. Don’t buy something unless you really love it — buy it if when you walk away you’re still thinking about it.

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