Caleb McLelland Wheelchair Batman Halloween CostumeEveryone should be able to participate in Halloween, regardless of their age, size or ability. The Huffington Post featured a story about Cassie McLelland and her nine-year-old son, Caleb. Caleb has spina bifida, so every Halloween for the past six years, his mother has decorated his wheelchair and incorporated it into his Halloween costume. Cassie posts the amazing designs on the family’s blog, Beyond Measure, and the Wheelchair Costumes blog with instructions and materials required.

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Cassie has been dressing up Caleb for Halloween since he was three-years-old. Now that he is older, he collaborates on the costume ideas with his mother. His costumes change every year, but they are always extremely creative and imaginative, despite most of them being done with little more than cardboard and a hot glue gun. Caleb has been everything from Batman in his Batmobile, Superman flying through the clouds, and Mario and Dry Bones from Mario Kart.

Cassie explained to The Huffington Post that she wants to show that Caleb’s “spina bifida is part of our life, but it isn’t our life.” Furthermore, she wants peple to see Caleb, the smart and fun-loving boy, and not just Caleb and his wheelchair. This is definitely the case. When you look at the photo, you see a thrilled kid, enjoying Halloween in a fantastic, prize-winning costume.

To see more check out the Wheelchair Costumes blog and the McLelland’s Beyond Measure blog.

(Photo: Cassie McLelland/Wheelchair Costumes Blog)