Racked NY is reporting that prices for Chanel bags and shoes have officially gone up between 20% and 30%. According to the post, that means that the bag you were planning on casually purchasing for $2600 is now going to cost $3400, and the shoes you wanted went from $585 to $685 or even $895 (feel free to do the math on other items).

So, OK, Chanel. We get the point. We can’t afford you. You don’t want us to afford you. In fact, you delight in rubbing it in our faces that pretty much no one can afford you, and you’re only interested in the .001% of peopel who can. Well I say, screw you! I didn’t want your stupid bag anyway. If I see you in a bar next weekend, I’m going to totally ignore you. You’re dead to me, Chanel. Don’t call, don’t write. I’ll never forgive you for this one. It’s over.