Listen, all’s fair in love and politics. And when presidential candidates are on the campaign trail, there’s generally no place that’s off-limits for them to stump and try to dredge up votes.

But I have to say that Fashion Week seems a little…wrong. It’s like hallowed ground for not talking about anything serious. For God’s sake, guidettes even get taken seriously at Fashion Week. Nobody there wants to talk politics — they want to love and accept you for the wings you’re wearing on your shoulders, and be loved and accepted in return.

Nevertheless, apparently GOP candidate Governor Rick Perry of Texas made his most recent appearance at this week’s Sherri Hill show . Page Six reports that he showed up with Donald Trump, which we are taking to mean that they share the same hairdresser (amirite?), and that Pervy Perry then made a beeline for the backstage area, probably hoping to catch a glimpse of some model nip but instead running into jailbait Kendall Jenner.

Sounds like an overall win for the governor, I guess.