Sometimes I could curse myself for finding the most strangest thing in the world. Dennis Rodman is one of them. The NBA star mostly known for his weird antics just celebrated his 47th birthday in Planet Hollywood. 47, wow. He’s still, well, Dennis Rodman huh? 3 more years and he’ll 50. Unfortunately, he’d still be dressed looking like this when the time comes. Yeah, so attractive right? Arrrgh.

One more picture of Dennis Rodman after the fold….


This, my friends is what we call, over indulgence / over compensating. Heh! Talk about What Not To Wear! If he came in with a white solid shirt, jeans, Aviator sunglasses, and the Christian Audigier baseball cap, he would’ve looked decent. Even with all his tattoos. Know what I mean?

*Images Used W/ Permission / Newscom.