Breaking Bad

First of all, there are zero spoilers regarding Breaking Bad‘s last season in this post. I’m not a complete asshole, I promise. I definitely watched the series finale, though, so if you wanna discuss that stuff, hit a girl up by email!

Second, you know you wanna dress up as one of these characters. You know it. So here’s how to do it! Some of these costumes are DIY, some are store bought, all are awesome.

First Season Walt


1. Put on a loose light green shirt, like this one:
green shirt j crew2. Get brave. Strip down to your underwear.
3. And by “your underwear” I mean these godawful things you would normally never wear:
hanes underwear4. Except you’ll still look hot and you won’t GAF.

Jesse & Walt Cooking


1. Hazmat suits:
hazmat suit 2. Gas masks with vapor filters:

3. If you’re Walt, be sure to talk down to whomever is playing Jesse. If you’re Jesse, be sure to eff things up constantly.

Walt as Heisenberg

Breaking Bad -- Heisenberg Costume

1. Watch several Kanye West videos to pump up your ego.
2. No, really, you should be feeling like you could beat God’s ass at volleyball.
 3. If you have facial hair to shave, shave it into a goatee. If not, wear a fake one.
4. Put on a skin cap to cover up your hair.
5. Wear fake glasses (or real ones, if you got ’em).
6. Put on a black windbreaker.
oakley-realize-windbreaker-jet-black7. Wear dark black sunglasses.
8. And, of course, the hat.

Skyler White

skyler white1. Accept that everyone at the parties you attend will ask why you’re such a bitch even though your husband is a meth manufacturing sociopathic serial killer.
2. Put on a pretty coral robe (seriously, what better excuse to wear something incredibly comfortable for Halloween than the whole “I just had a baby and my husband is cray” thing?):
eberjey-coral-jade-stretchjersey-robe3. Wrap a pale green sash around your waist.
green sash4. Blow out your hair away from your face.
5. Apply just simple eyeliner, mascara, peach blush and coral lipstick.
6. Constantly be smoking a cigarette at inappropriate times.

Mike Ehrmantraut


1. Be smarter than everyone else and damn tired that nobody recognizes that.
2. Wear the same wig cap from earlier.
3. Put on this simple black jacket:
Lined Eisenhower Jacket4. Have a heart of gold, sort of.
5. …except be terrifying.

Marie Schrader

marie schrader

1. When in doubt, wear purple, like this plum dress:
plum dress2. Wear your hair down and parted slightly to the side.
3. Put on some pretty purple earrings:
purple earrings4. Bring a crown for whomever is hosting the party you’re at that you mysteriously found at a “vintage store.”
5. Steal stuff. (No, not really, your friends will hate you and it’s weird.)

Now for some villains!

The villains on Breaking Bad were incredible, so I’m sure plenty of people will wind up being them for Halloween.

Gus Fring

gus fring

1. Be terrifyingly calm.
2. Wear a yellow shirt like this:
Chaps Classic-Fit Oxford Button-Down Collar Dress Shirt3. And a tie like this:
RA57NA-0053-2T4. Snag some silver glasses like the ones earlier.
5. Smile. Smile so much and so pleasantly that everyone around you can tell you are a total psychopath, yet cannot help but want to hug you.

Gus Fring (at the end of Season 4)

I would post a picture here, but it would be unpleasant for some readers so I’ll just link.

1. Wear a blue plaid blazer.
Tallia Men's Blue Plaid Linen Lightweight Sport Coat Jacket2. Adjust your tie frequently.
3. Put a bell somewhere in the room and whenever somebody happens to ring it, scream and dive away from them.
4. Apply gory makeup all over one side of your face. This tutorial from Bonnie Corban is epic:


tuco breaking bad

1. Find a cream and brown silk shirt.
2. Apply fake blood to your knuckles.
3. Do crazy eyes at everyone you see.



1. Black pencil skirt:
river island skirt2. Black blazer:
Petite black one button blazer3. Large sunglasses:
sunglasses f214. Wear Louboutins (or fake Louboutins, if you aren’t a crazy rich person willing to spend crazy $$ on a costume, i.e. most of humanity):
louboutins5. Part your hair down the middle and use a smoothing serum.
6. Carry around tea and Stevia packets.
7. Talk too quickly for anyone to know what you’re saying. To be fair, nobody wants to, so that is probably okay.



1. Get a brown thermal like this:
diesel-tan-canopy-henley-in-tan-product-1-13498720-878133936_large_flex2. And a brown jacket:
brown jacket3. Study Matt Damon movies; you need to look entirely too much like his angry ginger cousin.
4. Smile like Gus, except worse, because you have no f’ing rules. Oh my god, what the hell is wrong with you?
5. Like really, dude.

As much as I think the Nazis were perfect villains, I have a feeling dressing up as a neo-Nazi of any kind if probably not a great idea. Just sayin’.

And what about simple, easy, non-specific Breaking Bad costumes?

Los Pollos Hermanos

los pollos hermanos

Try this one from Red Bubble.

Vamonos Pest


This one from Cafe Press is a v-neck, if that’s your jam.

Illustrated Heisenberg

breaking bad t

There’s one at JC Penney with everyone’s favorite anti-hero on it!



Mysterious yet perfect, via Etsy seller Basement Shirts.

Jesse Pinkman wants you to calm down

jesse shirt

Everyone’s favorite expletive, via My Tee Spot.

Blue Meth Jell-O Shots

jello americans

Don’t make meth (obviously). Make shots of wiggly blue gelatin filled with booze via this recipe from My Jell-O Americans!

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Photos: AMC.