A few weeks ago, we were walking past the G*Star RAW on Broadway and nearly did a spittake when we realized their current campaign face is none other than semen-selling weirdo Vincent Gallo. We thought it was strange/exciting/hilarious to be on the street at 8:30 in the morning with his crazy-eyed expression staring back at us (just like in his days as a Calvin Klein model!). And then we walked off, having fond feelings about Buffalo 66.

Anyway, WWD recently brought word that Paco Rabanne is aiming to one-up G*Star in the ropey lunatic pitchman department by casting the legendary Iggy Pop in the campaign for men’s fragrance, Black XS L’Excès. And:

We honestly have no idea what the logic behind either casting choice was: is G*Star trying to corner the unhinged, blowjob-loving megalomaniac market? Is Paco Rabanne attempting to shoehorn glittery gold pants and comically oversized bottles of things into The Stooges’ legacy? Who knows. We are equally confused and delighted by each.

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