white-dress-001 white-furry-flip-flops

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When I bought this white dress, the cashier said, “how long will it stay white?” I don’t know but I had to buy this $7.99 white dress from the PX. And then at the concession stand, this lady was selling sandals with fuzzy adornments on ’em. She was attaching them herself. She saw right away how piqued I was so she didn’t waste any time. “It’s $7” she yelled. The Hubs who knows me too well, handed me $20, right away. I was holding the baby and bags so I couldn’t reach into my purse. But Hubs came to the rescue :).

Check out how the baby looked after the fold…


We were about to leave for brunch last Sunday and I was as usual in a hurry so I was yelling, “somebody take a picture of her while she’s still clean”. LOL. The Hubs came to the rescue for the second time. Her hair is still wet from bath  so I didn’t style it in a ponytail yet. She looks cute though :)

(Images : Style Tots)