When I first saw this photo someone snapped of Vogue Japan editor-at-large Anna Della Russo at Milan Fashion Week’s Prada runway show, I hoped Big Bird had not also attended, because that would have been way embarrassing. Such a similar outfit on two very different figures is rarely good news, even if it is Versace. But then I remembered Big Bird has a certain je ne sais quoi of his own, such that he wears the look quite well, too. But who wears it best?

Before you vote, some things to consider.

Anna Dello Russo:

-Teaches young people about fashion by putting pretty pictures in magazines.

-Claims to own over 4,000 pairs of shoes.

-Taped Crystal Renn’s eyes back for that controversial Vogue Japan editorial.

-Hangs out with Marc Jacobs.

Big Bird:

-Teaches young people to count, spell, and process emotion.

-Can count to 4,000.

-Lives in an ethnically diverse neighborhood.

-Has banged Marc Jacobs.

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(Image via Stylelist)