I like some Ed Hardy items. Tees, border shorts, shoes, jackets, just to name a few. I like it when the prints are not that overwhelming which is sort of impossible sometimes but you’ll find some if you look hard enough. Well, I didn’t need to look hard enough to find these awful Ed Hardy print track jacket. Sorry but this is just too much.


Ed Hardy Print Track Jacket withred and stripes on the sleeves, the tattoo inspired graphic all over the front and back of jacket, then the rhinestone studded embroidered logo on the back. The only details I like are the blue collar, hem and wrist cuffs. Now those are not bad. But overall, it’s just plain tacky. Ironically, I now understand why some Men don’t like Ed hardy stuff, hehe.

If you are one of the people who likes it, well, you can purchase it at Nordstrom for $92.90 which is a sale price actually. It used to be $187.

(Image : Nordstrom)