Welcome to the whitest whine ever!

About once or twice a year, I try to save up for some big ticket fashion item. Usually it’s a dress, but sometimes, approximately, say, four years after the trend happens, I decide I need ankle booties so I will not spend the entire winter slouching around in Oxfords and pumps as though I am continually in some 1960’s comedy set at a girls school. So I decided that really cool ankle boots were going to be my splurge this year. But they should be really cool. The coolest. So, these booties:

They’re beautiful, right? And they must be quality, because they cost $900. So I went to Bergdorf’s (I mention this because I realize there are a fair number of fake Louboutin sites on the Internet) and sat down with the shoe man. He was very sweet and we found the shoes in my size and I got to have this fantasy about being terribly, terribly important for a few minutes.

And then I wore them. Which I think is generally what one does with shoes, though maybe they were intended as art pieces? (But Stanley Tucci told me “fashion is art you live your life in!” Movies teach life lessons! Like “put shoes on your feet and walk places in them!”)

I would say I walked in them for a total of about half an hour evening – which is the standard amount of walking you do in New York when you realize you’re never going to get a taxi. I also walked up and down a flight of stairs in them. I suppose I did wear them on a day when it had rained earlier in the day. So I wore them when rain had existed, but since they were an item for Fall that seemed… reasonable?

You can check out the top picture but after one wearing…

The zipper is split (this is kind of my main beef, because I’ve never had a zipper split after one day with any pair of shoes)

The leather around the heel and the plastic tip have completely worn away (not totally surprising, that could just be from walking and something I’d expect, albeit after a few weeks of use, not one night out on the town). 

The leather has worn away in patches around the side (on both shoes, and I’m not even sure how that happened, because I swear I did not spend the evening clicking my heels like Dorothy)

Look, there’s nothing I can do now except take them to my shoe repair guy and say “hey, buddy, do you best with these tattered, tattered shoes” but this does seem kind of ridiculous. If I’d bought them for $100 I would just write it off as being one of those things, but these are $900 shoes. They were supposed to last the winter. They were certainly supposed to last longer than one wearing. Between the shoe repair guy repairing the tips and the zipper, it’s going to end up being $30 worth of repairs just for the first day’s wear.

Perhaps I’ve been spoiled because when I’ve bought similar shoes in the past (Manolo Blahniks) the thing that’s really stood out to me is that I’m still wearing them 5 years after I got them. And I do a lot of walking in my shoes. I always assume that the difference in price makes sense because higher cost shoes are so well built that you’re saving yourself the cost of a new pair a few years down the road.

I guess the only thing to do in this situation is to mention that, in my limited experience, Christian Louboutins are surprisingly poorly made, and this is disappointing considering the fact that they cost all the money. Also, this post was sponsored by Manolo Blahnik. (No. Just kidding. But Blahniks do hold up like nobody’s business).