Listen — I’m not exactly the biggest PETA activist. I eat meat, and I eat cheese, and I think that posing nude as a protest does nothing but showcase your nude body, and make people forget that you’re there for a different reason.

But I never cease to be amazed that still, to this day, designers make clothing and bags with fur — fur! — and people buy them. I thought this was an issue that was resolved back in the red-paint-throwing days — fur is cruel, let’s cut that shit out.

And yet everywhere you turn this season, it seems like fur is back in a huge way. Fur vests, fur bags, fur boots. No doubt fur pants, somewhere. Marc Jacobs has a bag made out of Kalgan goat fur. Dolce & Gabbana has a bag made out of “55% bovine, 45% coyote.” Coyote. Who even thinks of that?

So what’s happening here? Why has fur come back into vogue, especially when you can buy faux fur that looks just as good and no little animal had to die for? And who in the world (besides Rachel Zoe and the Olsen twins) is rocking this trend with a good conscience?