British model Lily Cole hosted Gatwick Fashion Week. You might be asking yourself, “Where is Gatwick? What country is that in?” However, you should know that Gatwick (unlike, say, Milan or Paris or New York) is not a town. It is an airport. It is like the LaGuardia Airport of London. And for some reason, it has its own Fashion Week. No brand name designers are participating in the event, which seems to be more of a PR push than anything else, although the “proceeds” will be going to charity. So far all that has really happened is Lily Cole was there and got a bunch of pictures of herself taken, and some people won some model search contest. Oh, and it sounds like some stylist is doing makeovers for passengers. I know that my redeye flights back from London it’s so much more fun trying to sleep when I’m wearing makeup and have blown-out hair.