Well, it appears that the shoe is on the other foot now, isn’t it ladies and gentlemen? Just weeks ago we had an ongoing “Catgate” critique on The Gloss on why XO Jane is such an irresponsible blog. I particularly like the article Jennifer Wright wrote which claimed their site is much more responsible than XO Jane and how they check things before posting them.

However, when a guest posted an article on dressing like Sexy Anne Frank, the editors seemed nowhere to be found. This was Jennifer Wright’s stance

• By Jennifer Wright
1 day ago
As long as it’s coherent, of a reasonable length, and not factually inaccurate, we try to be receptive to all reader submissions during a theme week/contests.

I will agree with Jennifer Wright. It is factually accurate that Anne Frank did hide in an attic with a bookcase as its door. But, allowing a guest to post this on their site reflects a lack of foresight and sensitivity towards the readers, particularly to those of Jewish descent, and especially those who lost loved ones in the Holocaust, as seen on a few comments from said article.

With that being said, it is NEVER okay to dress like a sexy Anne Frank, even if you are a Jew (heck, especially if you are a Jew). As a fellow commenter said, a sexy Hitler or Nazi would have been more appropriate because you are ridiculing the evil people that did not triumph, not the victims.

Sexualizing a victim of something tragic such as the Holocaust or any other terrible historical event, takes away its humanity and its significance. We turn a victim’s suffering and, in this case their innocence and curiosity as well, into a joke, forgetting the pain, torture and death endured by her and millions more.

I am not a Jew, I am a history major who wrote a thesis on the Holocaust. I wrote papers about children who wanted to escape the “showers” the Nazis were taking them into, only to be beaten into a gas chamber to be killed. I wrote about Elie Wiesel and how he saw his dad die in the barracks of Auschwitz. Anne Frank herself died in Bergen-Belsen of typhus a few days after seeing her own sister die. Bergen-Belsen was a camp composed of tents of corpse-like people riddled with lice and disease, that’s where Anne Frank died. These are things that I know most Jewish parents tell their children about their heritage so as to remember those lost, about anti-Semitism and of the strong spiritual strength of many Jews suffering in a very hateful time, much like Anne Frank. Obviously this guest who dressed as a sexy version of Anne Frank did not get the gist of this lesson.

Anne Frank represents the humanity of the victims of the Holocaust. She represents the thoughts and feelings going through a sexually curious teenage girl, all having to be stifled in an attic later to be cut short by a Nazi regime bent on destroying her people as a whole.

The Holocaust and its victims are something not to be forgotten, not someone’s comical costume.

This is a guest post.