Image via WENN

Blake Lively said in a recent interview that she doesn’t have a stylist. I know this means we’re all supposed to bow down and worship her as some kind of fashion demigoddess, but every time I read about a celebrity boasting that they dress themselves, I just want to throw something. Why? Because here’s what a celebrity does have, even if they don’t have a stylist:

  • Free clothes sent to them by designers
  • Free hair and makeup provided either by the show they’re on, the movie they’re in, or the event they’re attending
  • Free products sent to them by whatever beauty company they have an endorsement contract with
  • Free accessories from designers, who encourage you to wear things in certain ways so that when you’re photographed wearing their clothes you don’t look bad
  • A stylist, even if they say they don’t, because they often hire someone for one-off events or have somebody put together entire outfits for them that they can wear later. Saying “I don’t have a stylist” is often a sneaky way of saying “I do not have a full time person on my payroll whose title is stylist.” They might get one comped for them by their studio. Plenty of celebrities get stylists who help them choose outfits for press tours, and those stylists’ services are paid by the network or film production company. Or they hire a stylist every now and then on a freelance basis for special occasions, but they don’t work with one particular person. Either way, this statement is often a cheat and often a flat-out lie. It’s sort of the fashion equivalent of a celebrity saying they never exercise and don’t diet. No one believes that, either.

In other words, celebrities without stylists? You can all bite me. Or you can send me some of those free clothes and we’ll try to even out the playing field a little, mmkay?