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Yesterday Kim Kardashian committed the very serious crime of cropping North West out of a picture, and was sentenced harshly in the court of public opinion. Public opinion will always side with keeping North in the picture, because North is adorable and we all want to see more pictures of her. But North’s left ear and a bit of her eyebrow whetted everyone’s appetite, and Kardashian’s followers began rending their garments and spilling tears over the fact that North had been cropped from the photo.

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Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 14.53.52Somehow, despite the fact that North West is the most appealing, interesting, and relatable thing about her, Kim was surprised by the reaction.

It’s true, sometimes a baby makes a weird face and just ruins a picture. But that’s no great tragedy. People are acting like “your mom cutting you out of a picture together” is a terrible, traumatic experience, but our relationship to photography has changed since our phones all turned into cameras. It’s not like anyone cropped North out of the only artful, sepia-toned, tear-stained antique daguerrotype above the fireplace at the family log cabin. North was in at least three other Instagram pictures yesterday alone. Babies are extremely photogenic and the fact that all our phones are cameras now means that there are more baby photos than ever. The world is not short on baby pictures, so cutting one here or there is not a big deal.

OK, the world isn’t exactly short on selfies of Kim Kardashian feeling her look, either. So for purely selfish reasons, I hope this leads to Kim posting more photos with North. Kim Kardashian selfies are pretty boring, but photos with North West are gold, even if she has her eyes closed in them.

Besides, these moments don’t last forever. Enjoy North while she’s young, Kim. Because in 20 or 30 years, you’ll be dying to take photos with her. Just ask your mom.

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