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eBay’s fashion and culture blog The Inside Source has an interview with Leslie Harrington, Executive Director of the Color Association, an entity “offering forecasting, consulting and education services to major brands in need of color therapy,” from obvious candidates like Benjamin Moore to fashion and beauty brands like Nine West and Estee Lauder. Harrington says some intriguing stuff about the role color plays in our lives, along with a few weird pieces of trivia, like why the color red makes you hungry. Here’s several of the interesting bits from the conversation, which is probably not all that interesting if you’re a color expert.


1. Red makes you peckish:
It has to do with the way it affects your brain. Red releases endorphins into your system that stimulate the appetite.

2. Color is a wrench in the cogs of online shopping:
Color is the #2 reason after size for online returns. It’s so hard to present the exact color of something on a website…

3. The economy doesn’t just affect our hemlines:
The economy hasn’t been good, so we’ve been buying neutrals and safe colors. Now things are starting to look up; we’re slightly more confident, and there’s a strong desire to add color back into our lives. It’s been a tough winter with crazy weather, so we’re going to be craving happy, bright feel-good colors. Look for springy, Kelly greens that represent new growth.

4. Cobalt will be big for Spring:
We also think that blue will be strong, but not aqua blue or teal—more water blues and more toward the dark side. Northern lakes blue—not as bright or intense, but a blue that makes a much better neutral. Also, there will be a move away from black to navy or deep plum.

5. Black-clad fashionistas should think of color like tequila:
If you’re risk-averse to color, try adding it in small doses with accessories handbags, shoes, etc. Also, try to introduce it in its less dramatic form. For example, if you’re going to try pink, go for dusty rose instead of fuchsia. Ease into it; go for the gentler side of a color. As you become more accustomed to it, you’ll be able to take on larger doses or stronger versions. It’s like tasting something for the first time. You may try tequila in a margarita, but once you get used to it, you can actually do a shot!