Sometimes what makes a person ooze of class isn’t their hair, or dress or shoes.  It’s the accessories.  And sometimes it’s not the usual accessories like a handbag or jewelry.

The other day I saw a woman whip a fountain pen out of her handbag.  She jotted a few notes in what looked like a journal, and then tucked everything back away.  The fountain pen was a wonderful accessory, making a big impression on everyone that noticed.  I think it may be time to go out looking for one that’s fashionably chic and fits my personality.

True Write Fountain Pen, Kyoto How about you?  Here’s some considerations if you’re thinking about purchasing a fountain pen:

  • Fountain pens are comfortable to write with, requiring very little pressure to write with.  You can write for hours without tiring out.
  • Unlike older models, today’s fountain pens have a reservoir for ink, so you don’t need to dip your pen into the ink to write.
  • A fountain pen will make your handwriting look pretty.
  • You can choose different nibs, from very broad to very narrow, finding one that is easy to write with and than complements your penmanship.
  • Available in all prices ranges, from very basic to beautiful art designs.
  • Variety of ink colors so you can mix and match to suit your mood or occasion.
  • Not many people use them.  You’ll be a standout for being a little different. . . in a good way.
  • They’ll last for years.

While I have no empirical evidence, I think fountain pens inspire creativity.  What a perfect option for writing in your journal, addressing wedding invitations, or penning a love letter.

Photo credit: Levenger