This is such bullshit. I JUST went out and bought a new pair of skinny jeans that are stretchy and comfy and fit like a snuggie on NBC comedy night, and now is telling me that wide-leg jeans are about to come back:

“‘Wide legs, trousers, super flares, and bell bottoms are definitely the new fashion-forward trend, not only in the premium denim market but everywhere,’ Jerome Dahan, founder and designer of Citizens of Humanity, tells StyleList.”

Come on, man! It’s not that I don’t like wide-leg jeans — in fact, I love wide-leg jeans. That’s why it’s taken me so long to get on the skinny train. But here I am, chugging along, literally finding a good pair last week, only to have them ripped out from under me in favor of the new (old) trend, wide-legs.

You know what? Screw you, fashion. I’m going to go buy one pair of GAP jeans and wear them every day for the next ten years. At some point, they will become fashionable. And with a little luck, they’ll be fashionable twice.

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