Following a long string of sartorial slam dunks, Will and Kate have finally blundered into a really unfortunate decision: the decision to get all matchy-matchy with each other. Sure, they’re wearing different pants, but the matching purple sweaters and collared shirts are way too much. Are they trying to show everyone how “fun” and “wacky” they are? What’s next, a freaking lip dub?

These are matching outfits that say, “we have been married so long that we are pretty much the same person. Sex is similar to masturbation for us, so we don’t bother to do it very much. Would you care for a chilled wine cooler complete with zany-shaped straw?” Will and Kate have plenty of time to get old and lame together. Maybe they should save it for after their one-year-anniversary?

The only matching family I can get behind is this one:

(That family had other problems, but lack of snappy dress wasn’t one of them.)

Then again, maybe I’m just a monster who hates cute things. What do you think?