hipster eating urban outfitters food

Williamsburg, commonly referred to as the “hipster mecca” by people who are likely unaware they are everyone’s definition of “hipsters, will soon be home to an Urban Outfitters store that, in addition to overpriced transparent “slub tees,” will also be serving food. Yes, really. I imagine it will be like Ikea food, except the meatballs and soft serve ice cream will be filled with Mickey’s and reappropriation of Native American culture. Bloomberg says it’

For the record, I don’t really understand how anybody can like stuff “ironically,” as we have discussed here before, since you either like things or you don’t; the aspect of stuff being mainstream or the idea that an interest “doesn’t fit” with a person’s personality doesn’t make it somehow ironic. And I think the main people who believe that people like things “ironically” are also the kind who run around calling everybody hipsters for no particular reason.

That said, I think Urban Outfitters has some incredible irony within itself as a company, so I have no qualms making fun of them. Plus, its products and practices are rather abysmal, and I literally never feel clean when I leave their stores. Perhaps it is just run by chinchillas who enforce rules on giving the entire store dust baths, which would actually be slightly adorable, but I think they just do not train people to actually run the store like a business establishment instead of, say, their grossest rich friend’s closet.

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