With this ‘over the knee/thigh-high’ boot phenomenon going on right now, I’m noticing trend in boots now is the “fold over” style which (when the flap is folded down) reaches right around the lower knee area.

Unfolded, the flap covers the knee area. *Pauses and thinks a bit* Um…now, if you don’t want to look like Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman” (i.e. like a hooker…) then you can simply wear flap folded down and keep it that way. And while we’re on the hooker topic, if you’re going to wear over the knee or thigh high boots, opt for a low, flat or wedge heel. It just looks better with a low heel. But if you can pull off the high heel over the knee boot, go on fashionistas and rock it out. But don’t say I didn’t warn you…


I’m guessing the trend started last winter as I was about 7 or 8 months pregnant when I purchased my first pair of fold over boots. I was specifically looking for a flat boot due to my pregnancy but I wanted it to be fashionable, of course (HOT Mama, after all, right?), so I wound up purchasing Steve Madden’s “Rydder” boot in brown.


I love ’em and still wear ’em (that is, unless I’m living in my UGGs). They’re still just as hot as last year.

That said however, *clearing throat* I bought another pair of leather folder over boots last night–but! but! this pair is black (instead of brown), it’s round toe (instead of pointy toe), aaaaand there is a bit of a cowboy boot-ish heel (vs. flat heel). So, they’re totally different than my Rydder boots, right? Right? *Blinking at reader* C’mon agree with me. That’s how I had to break it down to my husband last night as he shook his head in disapproval. (Sidebar: I think he thinks I deal drugs on the side or something b/c he has no idea how I can afford so many shoes and boots. That alone tells me he doesn’t read this blog b/c if anyone knows me, and by now you gals do, then they know I’m a true cheapie and will scour the ends of the earth for a bargain! But I digress…)

Um…so where were we? Fold over boots. Right. Let’s get to some, shall we? Here are various styles I found online:

Chinese Laundry “Top” boot (suede) – $99.00 USD (3 other colors available in suede model)


Chinese Laundry “Top” boot (leather) – $99.00 USD


Chinese Laundry “Strate” boot – $99.00 USD

If you can’t find your size/color on the Chinese Laundry website that I linked to in the pic, you can try also (they are carrying the Chinese Laundry models for $99.90 USD)

Steve Madden ‘Touring’ boot – $129.95 USD


Wet Seal faux suede Over Knee Flat Fold Over boot – $39.50 USD


Spiegel suede Over the Knee Wedge boot – ON SALE! $69.99 USD


La Redoute Tall Velvet Boot – ON SALE! $39.99 USD


Madden Girl Flat fold over boot – ON SALE! $47.00 USD


Happy Shopping Hot Mamas!

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